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  • MATHERNE INSTRUMENTATION Gauges | Indicators for sale

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    General Specs

    • Gauges | Indicators
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    • Houma, LA 70360 USA


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    Matherne Instrumentation

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    General Specs


    Detailed Description

    Utilized Mud Gauge
    Matherne Instrumentation's unitized mud gauge (UMG) is a complete mud pressure system integrated into a single indicator assembly that is perfect for use on blowout preventer, choke manifolds, and cementing, acidizing, fracturing, and gravel packing operations.
    The unit consists of an inverted 6" gauge mounted on a two inch NPT housing with a diaphragm cup or piston isolator housing and includes a check valve and pulsation damper stem.
       • Easily visible 6" dial face allows clear viewing from well over 75 ft.
       • Standard capacities up to 15,000 psi straight pressure
       • Metric equivalents in kg/cm², MPa, KPa, and Bars are available
       • Available with piston isolator housing with standard 2" Fig. 1502 hammer unions or 2" Fig. 2202 for H2S applications 
        • Standard 2" NPT housing made from stainless steel hex designed for easy mounting
        • Easily mounted in convenient locations
        • Fluid filled indicator reduces shock, vibration, and corrosion
        • Adjustable damper allows for smooth pointer movement under intense situations
        • Easily serviceable on location with replaceable diaphragm cup and check valve for fluid loading