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  • MATHERNE INSTRUMENTATION Gauges | Indicators for sale

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    General Specs

    • Gauges | Indicators
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    • Houma, LA 70360 USA


    Call for Price

    Matherne Instrumentation

    Auction Details

    General Specs


    Detailed Description

    Rotary Torque System
    Matherne Instrumentation's rotary torque system is designed to help the driller during coring, milling, and reaming operations.
    The system also helps to avoid twist-offs and increases bit life by showing the driller when the drill string is torqued to unsafe levels.
    The system includes indicator with bracket, 2 ft. and 14 ft. hoses with disconnects, and idler with wheel.
    The indicator's capacities are measured in points and are a relative
    indication of torque. 
    The system is available in box mount or panel mount styles.
       • Capacity of Indicator (500 Point or 1,000 Point)
       • Chain Size or Wheel Type
       • Style of Indicator
       • Length of Hoses (standard 2 ft. and 14 ft.)