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  • FREEMYER INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE Stimulation Equipment - Frac Pumps

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    General Specs

    • Frac Pumps
    • -
    • FREEMYER INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE New 2014 Hydration Unit
    • Hydration 1-604F
    • Fort Worth, TX 76179 USA


    Call for Price

    Freemyer Industrial Pressure

    Auction Details

    General Specs



    Detailed Description

    •	New
    •	Consisting of a trailer, engine, hydraulic system, open top hydration tank (213.5 bbls total capacity, 170.7 bbls capacity at weir), suction centrifugal pump and discharge centrifugal pump, chemical tanks, four (4) liquid gel pumps, four (4) liquid chemical pumps, and all necessary valves and controls for normal operations.  
    •	This unit can be controlled in manual or automatic mode from the operator control console.  
    •	The FIP Smart Op-Acq System Hydration Automation & Control will have the ability to monitor liquid gel pumps, liquid additive pumps. This system is also designed to automatically or manually adjust and maintain preset set points of liquid gel concentration, liquid additive concentration, suction and discharge centrifugal control
    o	Touch Screen Color Monitor will allow the operator to have the ability to operate the unit in manual or automatic mode.  
    	Display real time operating parameters
    •	Liquid Gel Concentration
    •	Liquid Chemical Concentration 
    •	Suction & Discharge Centrifugal Parameters
    •	Monitor Hydraulic Pressures and Temperatures 
    o	Liquid Gel and Additive Pumps can be slaved to the hydration flow source, blender clean rate, or simulated rate.
    •	Webasto circulating heater system for engine coolant, batteries, in-line fuel heater, in tank fuel heater, and hydraulic tank.
    As the End User's choice for the highest quality fracturing and cementing equipment in the industry, Freemyer Industrial Pressure is here to meet all of your frack needs. See more of our available equipment at