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  • TSC MANUFACTURING Cranes - Offshore Cranes

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    General Specs

    • Offshore Cranes
    • -
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    • Houston, TX 77041 USA


    Call for Price

    TSC Manufacturing & Supply LLC

    Auction Details

    General Specs

    Detailed Description

    Xmas Tree Crane
    TSC Xmas tree cranes provide solutions for handling the Xmas tree within and between the moonpool area and the Xmas tree storage area. TSC Xmas tree cranes work in conjunction with the Xmas tree carrier, Xmas tree skid and guidance units, creating a complete handling system. 
    - Goliath, semi-goliath, and gantry designs available
    - Span, height of lift and lift capacity are specific to client requirements
    - Features wire rope hoists with multi-reeved arrangement terminating with lift blocks
    - Optional auxiliary hoists for handling during maintenance
    - Optional triple braking system on hoisting units
    - Optional collision protection, if required
    - PLC controlled. Hydraulically or electrically (VFD) powered.