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Jason Oil & Gas Equipment, LLC - Houston, TX - (281) 757-3986

As a global leading manufacturer of oil & gas well service equipment & components, Jason O&G Equipment, LLC is dedicated to providing superior oil & gas well equipment and spare parts to our customers. The company has a wide variety of equipment available including well service plunger pumps, coiled tubing, flowline products among many others. All of our products are manufactured with materials of the highest quality.

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JB Oilfield LLC - Houston, TX - (281) 705-7540

J B Oilfield LLC.  Equipment for Sale, Rigs & Drawworks, Elevator Links, Engines, Generators, Motors, Tongs, Elevators, Pumps, Rotary Tables & Bushings, Mast, Hooks/Blocks, Well Control, Swivels, Spools, Tee's & Crosses, Tubulars, DSA's, and more.... More Info

Jeff Thomas - Las Vagas, NV - (405) 368-7030

3 - 2008 Artex Wireline Trucks, Peterbilt 2 Axle 340 Chassis W/Cummins Engine... More Info

Jet-Lube LLC - Rockwall, TX - (972) 771-1000

Jet-Lube® is a globally-recognized leader in manufacturing lubricants, anti-seizes, thread compounds and sealants for oilfield, water well, and industrial customers. Jet-Lube products are available worldwide through a strategic distribution network, with a combination of factory reps. and warehouses in key locations.... More Info

JH Oilfield Equip & Technologies - Houston, TX - (281) 606-3230

JH is a Houston based company with business in manufacture, sale, rental, and service of Top Drive drilling equipment to local and international markets. JH carries AC VFD Top Drives ranging from 150 Ton, 250 Ton, 350 Ton, 500 Ton, and 750 Tons and hydraulic Top Drives of 150 Ton, 250 Ton, and 500 Ton. Over 20 years of combined knowledge and practical experience in the drilling and production equipment, JH commits to provide high reliable and affordable drilling equipment to the oil & gas indust... More Info

Joliet Equipment Corporation - Joliet, IL - (800) 435-9350

Joliet Equipment Corporation has been supplying North America with quality and value in large electric motors and repair services for 80 years.  We serve everyone from oil & gas, marine, dredging to paper mills and steel mills to the chemical and OEM manufacturing industries.  The company's products and services include AC & DC oilfield drilling motors, large AC and DC electric motors, severe duty electric motors. 2-speed electric motors, balancing services, maintenance training, rebuilt electri... More Info

Jones Swenson Auctions - Lakeway, TX - (512) 261-3838

As skilled marketing specialists, Jones Swenson Auctions will provide you with an efficient way to liquidate your assets by providing you optimal exposure to key buyers. Our staff is fully licensed and accredited by all professional auctioneer affiliations.
Regardless of the type of asset you have to sell, whether it’s a large commercial real estate project, or a commercial asset in an industrial plant, we can handle the auction – live and online.
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JW Oilfield Equipment & Pumps LLC - Oklahoma City, OK - (405) 491-0562

JW OILFIELD EQUIPMENT & PUMP, headquartered in Oklahoma City, has been meeting the diverse equipment and service needs of oil and gas industry clients throughout North America for over a decade. We have expanded our operations to include surface equipment for unidraulics and jet pump applications to a full line of mud pumps and gensets for the oil-gas industry. We Sell New, Used & Fully Rebuilt Pumps.... More Info