AXON Energy Services

  • 12606 N. Houston Rosslyn Rd
  • Houston, TX USA 77086
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Since being acquired by Pelican Energy Partners in late 2018, AXON Pressure Products has re-emerged as AXON Energy Services. We have a new management team, a new mission and vision for our business and our customers. We have launched many new initiatives to streamline operations, grow where growth is needed, and ensure that our customers are treated with integrity and transparency. Our common goal, or mission, is to provide energy equipment and responsive global service tailored to each customer’s specific needs for success. We are shifting our gears in many cases to ensure everything we do is aligned with this goal. Our new name, mission, and vision reflect our efforts to refocus and move forward together. With AXON Energy Services, your success is our priority. Together, we are putting energy to work™.