ShalePumps LLC

  • 5615 Clara Rd
  • Houston, TX USA 77041
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Based in Houston, TX, ShalePumps is a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality high pressure fracturing, drilling and well servicing pumps with focus on the global E&P market.  From the engineers behind the first multiplex pumps, ShalePumps has also launched its next generation Quintuplex pumps that are engineered to be smaller, lighter and smoother than any conventional triplex design.  Their unique roller bearing design reduces internal friction for continuous, trouble-free operation 24/7/365.

ShalePumps offers additional heavy duty rugged equipment and services, including:
- Frac pumps
- Drilling mud pumps
- Quintuplex drilling pumps
- Well service pumps
- HDD Pumps
- Mud pump fluid end modules
- Rotary tables
- Pump Testing Services
- Welding services
- Metal fabrication services