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Downhole - Misc.

Downhole - Misc.


East Burke, VT 05832 USA

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Downhole - Misc. - Light-Duty (Camera) Winch

The Light-Duty winch was designed for portability above all else.  It comes equipped to run from either 110 VAC or 12 VDC.  The Light-Duty winch holds 325 feet (100 meters) of cable and is compatible with the Standard Stainless Steel, Standard Plastic and Nano cameras.

To reduce weight, the Light-Duty winch is plastic; however it can be upgraded to the same steel winch used in the Heavy-Duty.

The Control Panel for the Light-Duty winch is small and light weight for easy transport.

The Light-Duty winch comes with following items.

•    Plastic Winch

•    Control Panel

•    Basic Tools Kit

•    Cable Protector

•    15-Foot (4.5 meters) Control Panel to  Winch Cable

•    Silicone Grease

•    Centralizer

•    Cable Support Clamp