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Medina OH USA

General Specs

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Own the #1 Swabbing Rig in the USA

Your Swab master machine is Fast, Powerful & Easy to Set up, Operate and Maintain.

Produced With Pride
Tiger General Swab Master Rigs are produced with great pride and built on a foundation of tried and true industry experience. The following numbers verify our Swab Master Rigs are continually improved. Our rigs are fast, powerful, and easy to operate and maintain. Best of all, they are field proven to work hard all day long and live a long, productive life.

Patent number 4,432,532 Direct Drive Dual Drum Winch Jan 1983
Patent number 4,555,092 System to operate direct drive May 1983
Patent number 8,232,892 B Method and System to operate July 2012

More Performance
More pulling power than any other rig, more speed, more usable power, because we deliver at least 92% of the available power to your drum. Everyone else only delivers about 65% to your drum. We deliver 30% more usable power. Burn far less fuel. Slash your operating costs. Which century do you want to operate in?

Reliable, Durable Hydraulic Designs
Family owned, producing swabbing rigs since 1925. Hydraulic evolutionary improvements since 1978. Clean, efficient plumbing designs. The design life of at least 15 years with proper easy maintenance.

Easier & Cheaper to Maintain
No clutches, chains, chain idlers, extra bearings, counter shafts, or right angle gearboxes. No constant adjustments or old expensive brake bands. You get smooth dependable hydraulic power. Just change the oil & filters in the Spring & Fall.

Lighter Weight, More Compact, Smaller Envelope
Our field-proven 21st-century design delivers big power, in the smaller package, and far less maintenance. it’s easier for one man to operate. Rock Solid After Sale Supports.

Built-In Weight Indicator
Modern hydraulics pressure relates directly to line pull. See conversation chart full electronics available for; depth, gross & net line pull, line speed. Full electronic packages for depth, line speed, and gross & net loads. Work time. All downloadable to a laptop.
Get far more precise well service information, see Tiger Vision.

Personal Involvement:
By Mark Overholt, 2nd generation company Owner and President. Over 40 years of hands-on experience. I will personally direct and follow up on all aspects from engineering to completion. Our craftsman all have many years experience building fine “Swab Master” service rigs. They thoroughly enjoy delivering top quality work.