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Subs | Crossovers - EAGLE TOP DRIVE CUSHION SUB TDS-500-02  

Top drive drilling rigs have proven efficient over their many years of use. However, damage to rotary connections during stab, makeup, and breakout has caused reduced life of drill string components, especially on "super-single" drilling units utilizing top drives lacking built-in compensation.

Eagle developed its Top Drive Cushion Sub to meet the stringent requirements of ever-extending horizontal drilling. Eagle's Cushion Sub is the highest-rated in its class and has been put to the test around the world.

The unique design provides flexibility to be utilized in combination with casing running tools, in order to reduce the risk of damaging expensive premium threads during stabbing and makeup. Eagle also sells, or rents, variations of its original design to meet our clients' unique requirements (such as extended stroke or reduced tong length).

To ensure longevity and reliability, Eagle provides redress and inspection services for all of its cushion sub equipment. Additionally, we provide technical support for those customers who are remote or who prefer to self-service their Eagle cushion subs.
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