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Cement Heads - -This Double Extra Pressure design is manufactured by IRI with your high pressure needs in mind.
-All connections to the head are integral type with Acme threads. A Tattle Tale assembly signals the Cementing Plug has left the head. The interior of the head is machined with an oversize bore to allow equalization of pressure around the cementing plug.  The plug is held in place during cementing by a continuous type Pin Assembly. A Quick Coupling allows easy connection to the casing while being suspended by a Lifting Assembly .
-The Manifold is FMC's DR15OW Plug Valves and 1502 Weco Unions.
-The complete assembly is machined using alloy steel with traceability of each component and to ASME and API specifications.
-Industrial Rubber's Integral Cementing Heads are available in sizes 2 3/8" thru 20".