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Cementing - Misc. - -Instead of disconnecting a regular swadged nipple from the casing, this tool allows entry to the casing bore by unscrewing the union. This permits you to do a cementing job by dropping the cement plug to follow the cement slurry, run downhole tools, etc. and eliminates worries of cross threading by making up the union nut instead of a casing thread.
-It resembles a large union. The lower sub is made up to the casing. The upper (wing half) is swadged down to 1502 or the union of your choice. The head is designed to be used in conjunction with our cementing heads. After circulating you can remove the wing half and stab our cementing head into the casing sub which is common to both heads. Working pressure of 5000 PSI through casing size 9 5/8", 3000 PSI through 13 3/8", and 1500 PSI through 20.
-Available in Sizes from 3 1/2" to 20"