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Downhole - Misc. - GeoVISION™  Standard Stainless Steel Cameras

The Standard Stainless Steel camera is the workhorse of the  GeoVISION™  line of cameras.  Standard Stainless Steel cameras come in both color and black & white.  These cameras are extremely rugged and designed for use in two-inch (5 cm) and larger diameter bores, up to 2,000 feet (600 meters) deep.  They can be used alone, or mounted on a Pan-Tilt Control for easy joystick manipulation. 

The Standard Stainless Steel cameras have standard NTSC resolution with an aspect ratio of 4:3.  Illumination is provided by eight high intensity white LEDs.  The LEDs can be turned on or off unless the camera is used with a Light-Duty winch, in which case the LEDs are always on.  Standard Stainless Steel cameras are rated for use up to 1,000 psi and can be used with Light-Duty, Heavy-Duty and Deluxe winches. 

Standard Stainless Steel cameras have a mounting screw near the front of the camera for attaching accessories such as a side-looking mirror or a ball compass.  In shallow wells, these cameras can be connected to a pipe-string providing an economical way to pan and tilt the camera from the surface. 

When mounted on a Pan-Tilt Control, the Color Standard Stainless Steel camera has the added ability to adjust the exposure to the center of the screen rather than the entire screen.  This allows the camera to look through holes in the bore wall and properly expose what lies beyond.
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