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Downhole - Misc. - Pan-Tilt Control

The GeoVISION™  Pan-Tilt Control is designed to rotate and tilt Standard Stainless Steel and Standard Plastic cameras.  Using a Pan-Tilt Control, these cameras can be rotated 360-degrees and can tilt from looking straight down, to looking back up the bore.  Camera manipulation is controlled using the joystick on a Deluxe winch. 

The Pan-Tilt Control also allows the Standard Stainless Steel camera to be switched into Center Exposure mode.  In Center Exposure mode, the camera sets the exposure based only on the center of the image.  This is useful when looking through a small opening into a larger void. 

The Pan-Tilt Control can be operated to depths of 2,000 feet (600 meters) and must be used with a Deluxe winch and either a Standard Stainless Steel or Standard Plastic camera.