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Downhole - Misc. - Heavy-Duty (Camera) Winch

The Heavy-Duty winch was designed for portability and use in the most rugged environments.  The Heavy-Duty winch holds from 325 feet (100 meters) to 1,000 feet (300 meters) of cable.  The winch has a steel frame and ball bearings for years of maintenance free use.  It is compatible with the Standard Stainless Steel, Standard Plastic and Nano camera. 

The Control Panel for the Heavy-Duty winch is mounted inside a rugged waterproof case that holds the camera(s) and accessories for this winch. 

The Heavy-Duty winch comes with On-Screen Depth display (OSD). OSD displays the depth of the camera on the monitor in one of five places. The Heavy-Duty winch comes with following items.

•    Steel Winch
•    Toolbox with Control Panel
•    Accessory Toolbox
•    Basic Tools Kit
•    Encoder (with OSD) or Cable Protector (without OSD)
•    15-Foot (4.5 meters) Encoder Cable (with OSD)
•    15-Foot (4.5 meters) Control Panel to Winch Cable
•    Silicone Grease
•    Centralizer
•    Cable Support Clamp