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PDC - PRIME Downhole Manufacturing manufactures PDC bits for a wide rang of formation ages and rock types. These designs include light-set fishtail bits designed for maximum ROP to heavy-set designs with maximum diamond density for highly abrasive applications. We utilize premium PDC cutters from major manufactures and tailor cutter selection for each bit to lithology and rock failure mode.

Body Options
Both matrix and steel body materials are produced, depending on requirements for each application.  Premium  high-density spherical and crystalline carbides are used in hard facing of steel PDC bits and applied to the bit based on fluids dynamics mechanism. 

Large Diameter
Prime manufactures matrix products from 3 ¾” diameter, with steel products up to 26” in diameter and composed of high grade 4140 material.

PDC Cutters
Grades of cutters and geometries for soft to medium rock, laminated formations, abrasive sandstones and many other rock types are utilized in our bits, according to application requirements.

Gage Options
Our bits employ combinations of tungsten carbide and PDC gage materials. They can be delivered with any gage, from less than 1” up to typical RSS lengths. Options include passive, tapered, stepped, active and gageless.

Bi-Center PDC Bit
Ideal for drilling a larger-than-nominal hole through standard casing ID. The expanded hole size results I higher quality cementing and logging operations and allows for restricted clearance casing diameters.