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Additional Drilling Equipment - Top Biz Buy's In Stock and ready to shipFast and Free Shipping!*To the continental U.S Buy with confidence.30-day no hassle returns!*On most items Varel 3-5/8" Slipstream Roller Cone Completion Tricone Drill Bit 2-3/8 API REG Buy It Now Price $999.99 Description Varel Oil & Gas Drill Bits Slipstream Completion Bit Assy: 9286 Size: 3-5/8" Type: SRP624 Connection: 2-3/8" API REG Brand New in original box Patent pending hybrid roller cone technology to drill frac plugs with both a steel tooth and TCI cutting structure utilized on the bit. The steel teeth attack the composite material usually found in the center of a frac plug and the tungsten carbide inserts on the gauge area of the bit are for the cast iron and ceramic slips found in frac plugs. Features / Benefits Bearing Package High performance journal bearing with silver plated elements along with advanced lubricant, and and HSN bearing seal provide an over designed bearing package for both motor and standard rotary applications. Canister Compensator Designed to extend bit life and maintain grease supply for the length of the run. Over twice the grease capacity of previous models ensures critical lubrication to the bearing. DuraClad Hard Metal Critical tooth hard facing process are continually monitored and updated to ensure the highest quality hard facing deposit using a Varels DuraClad hard facing. Shirttail Protection Reinforced shirttail to maximize seal protection and provide stability in horizontal wells. Tungsten carbide inserts up the leg and below the reservoir provide near gauge stabilization and enhanced bit performance. We are not an Authorized Dealer, Authorized Distributor, nor Authorized Representative for any manufacturer and therefore TopBizBuys, LLC offers no warranties, expressed or implied for any of the products that we sell. By purchasing this item, buyer agrees that TopBizBuys, LLC is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by the misuse, improper installation, or failure of the product. About Us | Listings | Feedback | Contact Us Sell Smarter with Kyozou.Inventory and Ecommerce Management. Location: Richmond, Virginia. For complete listing information please select the Click To Bid button to see this item on eBay.