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  • COOPER Drilling Rigs - Land Rigs

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    General Specs

    • Land Rigs
    • -
    • COOPER TR1000
    • -
    • Beaumont, TX 77701 USA


    Call for Price

    Dragon Products Ltd

    Auction Details

    General Specs


    Detailed Description

    Land Rigs - Cooper TR1000 Drilling Rig
    Two new Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines coupled to
    two remanufactured Allison S5610 transmissions. All
    engine and transmission combinations are reviewed and
    approved by the transmission manufacturer for correct
    engineering, installation and engine compatibility.
    Exclusive rig design allows for the removal of the engine,
    transmission, or transfer case independently.
    • The Engine packages include the following: Donaldson drytype
    air cleaner, full exhaust system including spark arrestors
    and mufflers, emergency air shutdown system, with control
    at the driller’s console , heavy duty radiator and fan, engine
    speed governor, air actuated throttle, automatic emergency
    shut downs for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature,
    and a Murphy power view display screen for diagnostic and
    engine performance information.
    • The Transmission packages include the following:
    Air actuated shift cylinder, transmission oil pressure gauge,
    independent transmission oil cooler, transmission fluid
    filtration system, and a 1810 series companion flange.
    • Manufacturer—Detroit Diesel
    • Model—Series 60
    • Cylinder configuration—Inline six cylinder
    • Engine type—four stroke/cycle, after cooled, turbo charged
    • Displacement—14 liters
    • Rated HP—550 HP at 2100 rpm
    • Peak torque—1750 ft-lb at 1350 rpm
    • Electrical supply—12 volt DC
    • Starter—Electric—12 volt DC
    • Charging system—100 amp alternator
    • Batteries—two 8D 12 volt DC per engine 1001-1-B
    • Manufacturer—Allison
    • Model—S5610 straight thru
    • Torque converter—Single stage, three element
    • Maximum input power—550 HP
    • Maximum torque input—1750 ft-lb
    • Maximum input speed—2500 rpm
    • Gear selections— five forward gears, neutral, one
    reverse gear
    • Transmission gear ratios: (not including torque converter ratio)
    First gear - 4.00:1, Second gear - 2.68:1, Third gear - 2.01:1
    Fourth gear - 1.35:1, Fifth gear- 1.00:1