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  • NATIONAL 1625
  • 1000-295
  • Frisco , TX 75034 USA

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General Specs




30,000 ft


152 ft

1,500,000 lb



Detailed Description

Land Rigs - 3000HP SCR Fast Move Rig Package

This 3000 H.P. Rig Package is designed to meet the demands for today’s competitive market using the latest in technology. All rig components must:

1.	Operate Properly.
2.	Rig up quickly.
3.	Transport in the fewest loads possible. 

I. Hoisting Equipment

The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) 1,500,000 lb low lift cantilever mast and winch raising parallelogram substructure has a 3000 hp rating and can transport in less than 10 loads.

A.	OEM 1,500,000# Cantilever Type Mast
152’ X 30’-0” Base beam cantilever mast. Mast hook load capacity of 1,500,000 lb with14 lines strung to traveling block.  Mast designed per A.P.I. Specification 4F.
•	Crown block complete with 7-60” fabricated cluster sheaves and 1-60” fabricated fast line sheave, tapered roller bearing. Shaft drilled for grease fittings, line guards, crown safety platform and handrails.
•	Adjustable racking board with a capacity of 363 stands of 5” drill pipe and 12 stands of 9” drill collars, complete with working platform, floor slab and 7’ high handrails. Racking board complete with Emergency escape.
•	Full-length ladder assembly.
•	Two (2) derrick boom kits designed to support 5,000 lb load, complete with boom, attachments, and 8” sheaves (2 per kit) grooved for 9/16” wire line.
•	Set of tong counter weights (2 per set) complete with buckets, guide, blocks and lines.
•	Raising line set complete with sling line equalizer.
•	Set of standpipe clamps to accommodate 5 1/2” O.D. standpipes.
•	Set of shim-type adjustable front and rear shoes, complete with shims
•	Leg mounted deadline anchor with 100,000# deadline load with brass for drill line size.
•	Set of assembly bolts and pins.

B.	“New” OEM  30’-0” Parallelogram Substructure
The substructure has a 30’-0” working floor height, a rotary capacity of 1,500,000 lb and a setback capacity of 1,000,000 lb. It is manufactured with a rigid box type design with eight legs to insure stability.
•	The substructure transports in three compact loads.
•	Substructure to accommodate a cantilever type mast.
•	Clear height under rotary beams to be approximately 25’-0”.
•	Substructure complete with:
	Diamond plate flooring on working floor area not covered by machinery or setback pad.
	Flooring and handrails surround working floor.
	Substructure accommodates a 37 ½” rotary table with independent drive. The independent rotary table is built into the center steel and does not have to be removed during rig moves.

C.	Drawworks.
•	Model – “Rebuilt” National 1625 UE
•	Rated Horsepower – 3000
•	Drilling Line – 1-5/8”
•	Sand Line – Not Required
•	Auxiliary Brake – Baylor 7838
•	Crown Protection – Crown-0-Matic
•	Power – Three (3) DC Motors GE 752 (1000 HP each intermittent, 750 HP continuous)
•	Brake Radiator – Heat Exchangers & Brake
•	EZ-Torque Type -1
•	Circulation Tank
•	Automatic Driller – Martin Decker Satellite

D.	Substructure Accessories
•	B.O.P Handling System – Tracking beams mounted in the substructure with two (2) Ingersol-Rand 25 Ton Air Hoists

•	32’ Telescoping Headache Rack

•	Rig Floor Stairways – All stairs to meet OSHA standards with no slip grip strut stair treads.
	Three (3) 30’-0” stairways from substructure floor to ground level. Stairs to be built on a 45-degree angle.
	One (1) 20’-6” stairway from top of the substructure to top of trip tank. Stairs to be built on a 45 degree angle.

-	V-Door Ramp – Ramp to be fabricated to work with a 30-0” floor height substructure and a 42” catwalk. Ramp to be fabricated with ½” plate and 3” pi