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Water Well Rigs - Failing Holemaster 3000-CF Drill Rig
Item No - 3472 
Condition - Used 
Manufacturer - Failing 
Status - Available 
Model Year - 0 
Model No - 3000-CF Drill Rig 
Quantity - 1 
Price - Contact us 
Failing Holemaster 3000-CF Drill Rig
Rated Capacity: 3700 ft. depth w/3-1/2” drill pipe.
Mast: Cold drawn street tubing, elec. Welded, 3-sect. w/3-way taper on top sect. Hydraulically raised & lowered. Wired for elec. Lights. Equipped w/retracting channel swivel guides for reverse circulation swivel. Equipped w/ladder, climber’s safety device.
• Hgt. 72” Telescoping, Width 86” center to center of mast legs, Depth 48” center to center of mast legs, Capacity total gross 133,000 lbs. hook load 100,000 lbs. Racking board capacity 3,000 ft. of 3-1/2” drill pipe, may be mounted to pull 30' ft. or 40' ft. joints, Crown block….. 6 trip line sheaves, 6 kelly line sheaves & single sand line sheaf.
Draw works: Drum barrel dia. & length (Trip drum 10” x 13”) (Kelly drum 8” x 17”) maximum single line pull first wrap (Trip drum 16,600 lbs. w/6 line block) (Kelly drum 16,600 lbs. 3/4” x 525’) Line dia. & capacity (Trip drum 3/4” x 525’ ft) (Kelly drum 16,600 lbs. 3/4” x 525’ ft) Brakes, mechanical lugh-leverage type, double self-energized & equalized (Trip drum 27” x 7”) (Kelly drum 24” x 7”). Auxiliary brake: 15” double rotor parkers none Parkersburg. Catheads, 2, mounted each end of Kelly drum shaft. One special air actuated for spinning or breakout, mounted on driller”s side. One foster automatic cathead mounted on opposite side.
• Rotary Table: Fully enclosed, oil bath type. Spiral bevel gears, ground & lapped in matched sets. Opening 18” through table for setting casing. Hinges up to allow setting casing up to 34” O.D. Rotary table, drum & sand reel, 5 forward & 1 reverse.
Air Compressors: for control air….1 or 2 Wabco model 2 AVC mounted on compound case. For developing wells, ect….model 253-S2 or 50 SDS or equivalent may be installed on the gooseneck.
• Engines: 2, each providing 100 continuous BHP, through 17 1/2" fluid couplings, GM diesel 4031-C is standard; other makes w/suitable specs. may be installed. 
Compound Case: Engines may be compounded or used singly. Oil spray bath, three shaft, w/jaw clutch.
Transmission: 5 speeds forward….7.20:1, 3.90: 1:2, 12:1:1, 18:1:1, 00:1. 1 speed reverse….7.09:1.
Clutches: Hoisting drum….2 Fawick 18CB500 air clutches; 18”. Kelly drum…. 2 Fawick 21.5E475 air clutches; 21 1/2”. Rotary table….twin disc CL-211 air actuated clutch. Master clutch….lipe-roll way 14”; 2 plate. Engines: twin disc 11”; 2 plate. Air Compressor….twin disc 11”; 3-plate.
Controls: Located on side at left of drawworks. Air valve control panel; remote transmission shifter; throttle; trip & Kelly brakes; hydraulic control & pressure gauge; instrument panel for engines; weight indicator & driller’s platform.
• Main Generator-60KW, 54KW prime, Caterpillar model XQ60P2 model 2002.
• Blowout prevention & well control equipment-8” 3M Regan “Torus” angular preventer 2” 5M Demco valve on side outlet spool, 2” 5M manifold w/adjustable chokes.
Doghouse/Toolhouse-8” x 36” trailer mounted.
Substructure-4” w/pony sub.
• Back-up Mud Pump-Ideco 6” x 12” with 325 HP diesel engine.
• 135 Drill Pipe-4,500’ ft length x 4-1/2".
Drill Collars-150’ ft L x 6”.
Survey Machine-Mathey Wireline unit 12,000’ ft with .092 line.
Located in N.W. Region, Afri