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Bridges Equipment's experience in supplying drawworks, coupled to our extensive manufacturing capability, led to the development of the Bridges MI-1000, a true 1000+ hp drawworks. After extensive research, we have engineered our drawworks to hold up to the rigorous requirements of the industry. Our drawworks are designed for versatile operation with eight hoisting speeds, four rotary speeds, and reverse.

Our drawworks offering now includes several mechanical and electrical driven packages.

Our experience has shown us what works well and what does not. We have taken existing designs and improved upon them. Our design with a 7” drum shaft at the main bearing and a heavy duty drum core is designed to provide dependability and durability.

After many years of repairing, remanufacturing and servicing drawworks, we know why components fail. After reviewing many cases of shaft breakage in the transmission, we designed our shafts to have more longevity and greater functionality. All shifting is done using air cylinders.

Mechanical and electrical driven packages.