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  • INTERGRATED DRIVE SYSTEMS Hoisting Equipment - Drawworks

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    General Specs

    • Drawworks
    • -
    • -
    • Houston, TX 77066 USA


    Call for Price

    Integrated Drive Systems, LLC

    Auction Details

    General Specs

    Detailed Description

    Drawworks - IDS AC Drawworks
    Intelligent - Compact - Powerful
    1000HP-1500HP Single & Dual Motor
    2000HP-4000HP Dual Motor
    IDS AC Drawworks is the result of decades of mechanical and electrical innovations.
    •	Advanced compact design saves rig space
    •	Rugged construction extends run life
    •	Less noise and vibration
    •	Sensors help reduce operational downtime
    •	Faster and safer drilling operations with built-in “intelligent” systems
    •	Lower maintenance costs by eliminating HPU and coolers Low operational costs
    •	Manufactured to API Q1 & 7K.
    •	Onboard data collection monitors: critical bearings, motor windings, lube oil parameters and system air pressures
    •	Self-aligning, single-speed gearbox Self-contained gearbox lubrication Keyless drum shaft
    •	No HPU or coolers
    •	Automatic bearing lubricator Fail-safe, spring-set brake Brake wear sensor Self-aligning brake Redundant encoders.