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  • DEN-CON Pipe Handling Equipment - Drilling Slips

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    General Specs

    • Drilling Slips
    • New
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    • Oklahoma City, OK 73129 USA


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    Den-Con Tool Co

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    General Specs


    Detailed Description

    Drilling Slips - Power Slip Lifter Systems
    Den-Con Power Slip Lifter Systems (PSLS) are suited for handling 2 3/8" - 30" pipe sizes.
    The PSLS eliminates the back breaking and dangerous operations of using manual slips for running drill pipe, drill collars, casing and tubing.
    •  All PSLS’s use standard manual slips modified to attach to the PSLS.
    •  All series of PSLS may utilize pneumatic or hydraulic power. (Specify when ordering)
    •  PSLS’s firmly attach to the master bushing or casing bushing.
    •  PSL-1338 designed for Pin Drive Master Bushings.
    •  PSL-4 for use with SUCB bushings.
    •  PSL-5 for use with SUCB 2 bushings.
    •  PSL-6 for use with SCB bushings and 27 1/2” rotaries.