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Appraisals - In the valuation of assets, inventory presents unique issues; the factors involved in effectively evaluating inventory are as numerous as the types of services and products manufactured and sold throughout the country.

Accordingly, ATEC’s Inventory Evaluations take into account such factors as:

• Categorization of Finished Goods, Work-in-Process and Raw Materials
• Existing and potential markets and purchasers
• Opportunities for and the desirability of completing work-in-process
• Available and preferred means of sale

Inventory evaluations are used for preloan examinations, interim loan monitoring and for work-out recovery assessments. Only after consideration of these and a host of other factors, which include a thorough review of the debtor company and history, can effective inventory evaluations be produced. ATEC’s experience extends to all types of inventories, from items as diverse as perishable goods to intangibles, and from specialty parts & equipment to basic manufactured goods and commodities.