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  • Conroe , TX 77305 USA
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  • Financial Services | Insurance
  • Appraisals
  • Conroe , TX 77305 USA

Hadco International LLC

  • Duke W. Coon

    Conroe, TX 77305 USA

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Appraisals - • Land based Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs with Related Equipment
• Frac and Cementing Assets (Pressure Pumping)
• Offshore Drilling Rigs and Equipment, Well Servicing Platforms, and Production Equipment
• Oil & Gas Production and Distribution Pipe Line Systems
• Oil & Gas Gathering Systems and Compressor Stations
• Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Facilities
• Well Service, Workover Rigs, and Related Equipment
• Chemical Plants, Industrial Manufacturing Facilities, Power Generation Plants and Facilities
• Oil & Gas Properties and Mineral Reserves (Oil, Gas, Coal, Gold, etc.)
• Seismic Equipment, Geothermal and Geophysical Equipment
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