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  • Testing Industrial Equipment - Equipment Testing

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    Testing Industrial Equipment

    • General Services
    • Equipment Testing
    • Center, CO 81125 USA


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    Power Zone Equipment Inc

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    Detailed Description

    Equipment Testing - Power Zone has services and the experience to test industrial equipment.    Contact us today to get your equipment tested!
    Centrifugal Pumps  •  Engines  •  Pressure Vessels  •  Positive Displacement Pumps  •  Motors  •  Generators
    Available Testing Services  -  
    • Pump Flow, Pressure, and Performance Testing
       Operational pump testing up to 4,000 horsepower
    • Centrifugal pump efficiency tests
       Reciprocating and Centrifugal Pump Performance
    • Pump Performance Curve Production
    • Third Party Performance Confirmation
    • NPSH Limit Testing
    • Engine Dyno Testing up to 1,000 HP
    • API Testing Available
    • 20ksi Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
    • Fluid end hydro testing
    • Centrifugal pump casing hydro testing
    • Vessel and piping hydro testing
    • Large electric motor and generator testing
    Test records provided with every test performed
    PLC monitoring system to ensure accuracy and safety
    All testing performed in house
    Contact us for more testing capabilities.