Manufacturer of BOP's, Ram Blocks, DSA's, Spools, and more! - Manufacturing - Misc.

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  • Manufacturing - Misc.
  • Channelview , TX 77530 USA
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  • Manufacturing Services
  • Manufacturing - Misc.
  • Channelview , TX 77530 USA

Fabritech Manufacture and Solutions, Inc.

  • Joel

    Channelview, TX 77530 USA

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Manufacturing - Misc. - Manufacturer of BOP's, DSA's, Spacer, Adapter, and Drilling Spools, Ram Blocks, Tees, Crosses, Blind, and Test Flanges.

We have the full capability to design and manufacture, as well as remanufacture anything within this scope and more!

We offer design validation in-house through Finite Element Analysis when required by customers.

We offer in-house: Sandblasting, NDE, PMI (XRF and LIBS), Hydrostatic Testing, Machining (CNC and Manual), and Welding. In house stress relieving coming soon!

We also offer sales and rental of BOP's in the As-is and remanufactured conditions.

We can be audited by customers anytime if needed.

Third party witnessing can be accommodated. We have experience with DNV for design and welding inconel for ring grooves.

Any questions just inquire!
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