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Gate Valves - MODEL M 3M SLAB GATE 6A VALVE Model M 2,000 - 3,000 - 5,000 lb. W.P.2 1/16" - 2 9/16" - 3 1/8" - 4 1/16" - 5 1/8"Slab Gate (Handwheel Operated)Operation: Bi-directional - Slab GateTo Open & Close: Backoff Handwheel 1/4 Turn

Model M Series Gate Valves are profiled after the original WKM Model M Gate Valve. All dimensions interchange parts. The Model M Series Gate Valve utilizes a "Packing Injection Fitting" in the bonnet assembly to provide an injectionable stem packing to the stem seal area while under pressure & has a cast body line.

The Model MSG (Slab Gate-Hence Model SG) is dimensionally the same as the Model M, except utilizes the slab gate which is preferred for manifold & frac applications. A bidirectional gate valve sealing on the downstream gate to seat when placed in the flow stream facing either direction. The Slab Gate requires pressure from upstream to force the seal of the gate against the seal of the gate against the downstream seat.
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