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Pump Jacks | Pumping Units - Lufkin Model TC44A, SN 7479 with 54" Stroke.  Kubota 24 HP  Natural Gas Engine - Unit is complete with 18" Concrete "T" base
The gearbox was opened in December of 2006 and the bearings and seals were replaced, otherwise the gearbox was in good shape. 
The Kubota engine has a computer that starts and stops the unit just as if it were powered by an electric motor with a timer.  (The Kubota engine has an electric clutch so the engine starts with the clutch disengaged, warms up, and the computer engages the electric clutch to start the pumping unit.  When the time cycle is complete, the computer disengages the clutch, runs a cool down cycle on the engine, and shuts the engine down automatically.)
The engine was purchased new in October of  2013 and installed in November of 2013.  The photos show the two jack shafts from the engine to the pumping unit gearbox.  The well was pumped about four hours a day until the fall of 2014, so there is not a lot of time on the engine.