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Sucker Rod Centralizers - Suggested placement on Sucker Rods
You will generally be your own best judge for the specific circumstances of each well, but these recommendations can be helpful.

To prevent stacking
At the bottom 200 feet of the well, 4 to 6 per rod will deter rod-stacking tendency on the downstroke and tubing-stacking tendency on the upstroke.

For guiding
Where known wear occurs, use a minimum of 4 per rod; in high volume wells, use a minimum of 6 per rod.

For paraffin removal
In upper part of well where paraffin solidifies, use minimum of 6 per rod.

A "rule of thumb" formula [Rod length (in)] I Stroke (in) + 1 = Quantity/ Per Rod

For optimum placement of centralizers/scrapers on the rod string, call for Oilfield Improvements® , computerized analysis of the well deviation survey to accurately define side loading and drag.

Recommended installation for centralizers
For an effective, trouble-free operation, place three centralizers on the rod: one at each end, about 14" to 18" from the coupling, and one centralizer near the center of the rod.

Recommended installation for paraffin scraping
Space the scrapers on the rod at a distance of 2" to 4" less than the stroke length to insure that you have sufficient overlap.

.. The recommendations above are general in nature. Due to widely varying well conditions and special problems that you may encounter, spacing requirements of guides and scrapers may be more or less than described.

Install these centralizers/ scrapers in the field quickly and easily

Pliers and Hammer
Installation shoes for applicalion of Ultra-Flow® centralizers/paraffin scrapers are available. 

Complimentary inslallation Instructions available on CD-ROM