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Frac Tanks - 440BBL ISO Corrugated Wall Frac Tank

• FLOOR: 1/4 PL, 4" V-bottom with integral formed side channels
• FLOOR SUPPORT: 10" channel longitudinal runners with formed 1/4 PL cross members
• WALLS: 1/4 PL solid welded, corrugated steel, corrugations 15" on center
• ROOF: Flat top, 1/4 PL welded with angle supports inside
• FRONT/REAR: /4 PL solid welded, corrugated steel, 10" radius at vertical outside corners
• DRAIN/FILL: 6” internal fill pipe to roof at front, 8” flanged front manifold connection with turn down to floor sump.
• GEL LINE: 6” connection 6”/5”/4” internal pipe with 18 - 3”x2” reducer nozzles aimed towards floor center, capped on rear end (ends near side manway), flanged at each pipe step for removal and cleaning
• MANWAY: 21” manway on front and side, 1- non-sealed hatch on roof
• CONFIGURATION: ISO 40’ high cube container dimensions, 40’L X 8’W X 9’-6”H
• WELDS: All welds continuous except substructure and roof cross members
• FINISH: Interior: steel grit blasted to SP10,lined with 100% solids chemical resistant epoxy liner, 18 mil DFT minimum, high voltage spark test inspection
• Exterior: steel grit blasted to SP6, color coated with rust inhibiting polyurethane paint, 5 mil DFT minimum. Bottom surface coated with coal tar epoxy
• HYDRO TESTING: Full capacity static test
• CAPACITY: 440 barrel capacity