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Frac Tanks - 600BBL Corrugated Wall Frac Tank

• Floor: 1/4 PL, V-bottom with integral formed side channels
• Floor support: 10” channel longitudinal runners with formed 1/4 PL crossmembers
• Walls: 1/4 PL solid welded, corrugated steel, corrugations 15” on center
• Roof: flat top, 1/4 PL solid welded with channel supports outside
• Front/rear: 1/4 PL solid welded, corrugated steel, 10” radius at vertical outside corners
• Drain/fill: 4” floor drain at rear end, 3” fill pipe to roof at rear, 4” suction line connection at front, 8” flanged front manifold connection with turn down to floor. Interior manifold with 4-4” valves and plugs
• Gel line: 4” mid high connection on curb side, 4” internal pipe with 3/4” holes located on 12” centers towards floor center, capped on rear end (end near side manway)
• Manway: 21” manway on front and side, nonsealed hatches and 1 sealed hatch on roof
• Pick up: standard 5th wheel king pin
• Welds: all welds continuous except substructure crossmembers
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