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  • Repair | Fabrication
  • Repair Services
  • Houston , TX 77001 USA

Texas International Oilfield Tools, LTD

  • Sales Dept., en Espanol Gabby Salas

    Houston, TX 77073 USA

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Repair Services - Load Test for Casing, Drill Pipe, Slip type Elevators & MPI  Proof Load Test
Load Test Unit Calibrated according to ASTM E4 Rating Elevator Capability: 65 Ton - 500 Ton  Applied Load Range 75 Ton (min) - 750 Ton (max)
Mandrels available for standard Casing, Drill Pipe, Slip type Elevators Slip Assembly, maybe requested for test (Special mandrel fees may apply, if elevator not standard size)
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
NDE per ASTM E709
Wet Fluorescent Mag Particle
Controlled Environment
Parts Sand Blasted Prior to Test  Acceptance Criteria ASTM E125  Level II ASNT - 7C-1A Certified Inspectors
Disclaimer: End User/Purchaser is responsible for the proper installation, maintenance and use of the equipment
100% NDE Inspection must be performed after 24 hours proof load test to determine product condition.
Contact - esales@tiot.com for details on Load Testing and MPI
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