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  • Beaumont , TX 77701 USA
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  • Specialty Trailers
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  • Beaumont , TX 77701 USA

Dragon Products Ltd

  • Tayler Stanley

    1655 Louisiana St

    Beaumont, TX 77701 USA

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General Specs


Body, Door, and Floor Specs

Detailed Description

Specialty Trailers - Sand Force Gravity Trailer   

The interior angle of repose is the optimum design for the sand to exit the unit quickly and with the least amount of dust possible

Each unit has 1150 cubic feet of storage, more than the typical pneumatic tanker design

Trailer has a GVWR of 80,000 lbs

Unit comes with a smooth exterior, welded aluminum construction, 40’ 2” long

All steel “air ride” suspension.

Steel king pin assemblies.

Continuous lower perimeter frame for added strength

The two gravity delivery slide gates have 13” x 23” openings

Slide gates can be operated automatically from inside the cab using an air assist system

This trailer requires no wet kit, blower, pump or any other additional means of operation

Light weight design is a strategic advantage for your company’s supply chain

Available hard aluminum waterproof lid with automated top loading doors as shown or with automated tarp system
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