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  • CATERPILLAR Construction Equipment - Dozers | Crawler Tractors

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    General Specs

    • Dozers | Crawler Tractors
    • Used
    • -
    • Rock Springs, WY 82901 USA



    Permian International Energy Services, LLC

    Auction Details

    Oilfield and Heavy Equipment Auction

    Rock Springs, WY USA


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    General Specs


    Detailed Description

    Dozers | Crawler Tractors - CRAWLER TRACTORS
    2006 CATERPILLAR D8T Crawler Tractor 8,813hrs, S/N# KPZ01253.
    2005 CATERPILLAR D8T Crawler Tractor 11,368hrs, S/N# KPZ00564.
    2003 CATERPILLAR D6R Crawler Tractor 6,088hrs, S/N# AAX00132.
    2002 CATERPILLAR D6R Crawler Tractor 7,192hrs, S/N# ADE00331.
    1999 CATERPILLAR D8R Crawler Tractor 8,687hrs, S/N# 7XM03830.
    1998 CATERPILLAR D6R Crawler Tractor S/N# 5LN02025.
    (2) 1998 CATERPILLAR D8R Crawler Tractor (S/N# 7XM03127) (12,858hrs, S/N# 7XM03354)
    (2) 1997 CATERPILLAR D8R Crawler Tractor (16,613hrs, S/N# 7XM00615) (S/N# 3CR00469)
    1992 CATERPILLAR D8N Crawler Tractor 4,785hrs, S/N# 9TC06431.
    1991 CATERPILLAR D4D Crawler Tractor 2,871hrs, S/N# 9DB4665.
    1991 CATERPILLAR D8N Crawler Tractor 29,684hrs, S/N# 9TC3778.
    1990 CATERPILLAR D8N Crawler Tractor 17,587hrs, S/N# 9TC04068.