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  • Water Well Rigs
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  • FORD F900
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  • Moab , UT 84532 USA
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  • Water Well Rigs
  • Used
  • FORD F900
  • -
  • Moab , UT 84532 USA

Beeman Equipment Sales

  • Todd Beeman

    3400 S Hwy 191

    Moab, UT 84532 USA

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Water Well Rigs - 1951 Ford F900 Big Job Speedstar Drill Rig

Ford F900 Big Job drill rig. The previous owner says he has seen it run and it was all running when parked.

Active or Sold: Active 
Price Details: $19,550
Industry: Water Well, Mineral Exploration, Geothermal | Environmental  
Drill Rig Type: Cable Tool Rigs 

Color: Red 
Manufacturer: SPEEDSTAR 
Year: 1972 Truck and 1951 Rig
Quantity: 1 
Serial Number: 9512 
Fuel Type: Gasoline 
Mounted On: Truck 
Title: Bill of Sale
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